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SIM Presidency - it is a SIM member representative, elected by the General Assembly.
The President carries out, ex officio all acts and decisions aimed at implementing the collective goals and resolutions of the GA, and represents SIM in national, regional and international fora.

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SIM General-Council Structure

The SIM Council - composed of the President in office, the former President, the Technical Committee (TC) Chair, the Quality System Task Force (QSTF) Chair, the Professional Development Coordinator (PDC), the Project Coordinator and the Sub-regional Coordinators (Noramet, Camet, Andimet, Suramet and Carimet). The Council operates according to the corresponding Rules of Order.

The Professional Development Coordinator (PDC) is nominated by the SIM Members and appointed by the Council to promote activities to improve the technical capacity of the Members and Associates in the region.

The Project Coordinator is nominated by the SIM Members and appointed by the Council to coordinate managers of projects supporting SIM Activities.

The Technical Metrology Committee (TC) is composed of the Chair of the TC, the Chairs of the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) and the Sub-regional Coordinators. The TC promotes technical collaboration among SIM Members and coordinates activities of the Technical Working Groups (TWGs);

The Quality System Task Force (QSTF) is composed of the Chair of the QSTF and representatives nominated by each SIM Member or economy that is a signatory to the CIPM MRA which will have voting rights. QSTF is responsible for reviewing and approving the Quality Management Systems of SIM Members and Associates as required.